Featured Project: Suffolk University – Digital Printing Making a BIG Difference

Suffolk University had always produced large batches of these brochures using offset printing, however, we presented an opportunity to produce smaller batches using our premium digital printing capabilities. As a result of using our digital printing solutions, Suffolk was able to more efficiently manage their marketing material surplus. By doing this they reduced waste, saved cost, and dramatically increased flexibility.

Reynolds DeWalt is committed not only to producing the highest quality products but also to highly efficient products. Our account management team is always looking ahead to create value by working hand in hand with you to ensure that every possible consideration is made before arriving at the best solution for your needs.

Featured Project: Provincetown Arts Magazine


We recently completed the new Provincetown Arts Magazine – here is what they had to say:

Wanted to let you know just how much we appreciated all your wonderful hospitality and looking after us. And your professional skill in managing everything so it went very smoothly. You are terrific! And the staff, who were all very welcoming, particularly Lenny and Andy, both amazing! We did have a great experience and may just have to accompany Ingrid next year!

Thank you also for the room you booked, and all the food needs (and hydration!) – it was all very thoughtful. Phil says he took some great shots, he will send a bunch to you soon. We certainly want to come back to New Bedford and do more exploring.

Will be singing your praises next week at the pub party. Come if you can with your family. It is a fun event.

All our best,
Irene and Phil, Provincetown Arts

Multi-Experience Campaigns: Marketing From All Directions


In marketing, there is nothing more essential to your success than being seen by consumers and attracting their interests. One guaranteed way of achieving this is through multi-experience campaigns. Using this method, you are able to attract and develop relationships with the client while pitching your product in a way that uniquely attracts them.  Through websites, email, mobile connections, regular mail, and events, it is highly unlikely that your company or product would go unseen.

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Business Strategy: Planning for Success


As a business owner, the growth of your company is usually the main objective. With more business comes more revenue and with more revenue comes more possibilities for the expansion of your business. The million dollar question is, how do you make this possible?

A business does not become successful over night without a strategic execution of a business strategy. It is very unlikely that the owner of a business could achieve a great deal of growth without formulating a plan on how it will be done.

A business strategy will serve the purpose of charting out where your company is and where you would like for it to go.  It clarifies the way in which your company can achieve your goal by developing plans and maintaining focus in order to remain on track. It should be frequently considered and followed to ensure that the plan is being carried out and that you are heading in the right direction.

If you are the owner of a business and are currently making  ‘x’ amount of dollars annually, and would like to be making ‘y’ amount of dollars annually, your business strategy serves as the equation that will take you from ‘x’ to ‘y’. You must first decide how far ahead you would like to plan. Next you must formulate a marketing plan. Through the understanding of who your target audience and how to market to them, you can  better understand what needs to be done over this period of time.

With a focus now in mind, you can use a five year plan to carry out the main objective. This being the extensive process that requires a longer period of time and gradual action.
A one year plan may also be used to ensure that the years leading up the objective are being proactive in their goal. If a plan is assigned for each year of the five year plan, with a strict focus in mind,  it will only then be carried out to its fullest extent.

Contributed by:
India Russell
Marketing & PR Manager

You, Your Brain, and the Things You Buy: Large-Format and How Your Brand is Remembered


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb

According to Martin Lindstrom’s book Buyology, the items we buy in stores are seldom decisions of our own. Through the science of Neuromarketing, it is believed that the reactions received through various marketing strategies, such as slogans, commercials and signage, are solely responsible for many of the purchases the average consumer makes.

While conducting a study on Neuromarketing, Lindstrom collect brain scans from a total of 2,081 subjects. While collecting data, Lindstrom scanned the brains of his subjects while showing them visual marketing pieces. After scanning and observing the brain activity of the individuals he realized that the brain patterns of the individuals witnessing the marketing began to react to what they were seeing. Where this very well may be true, marketing tools such as posters, banners, and other large displays may also work as a visual stimulant while advertising, possibly inducing individuals to buy.

A great deal of money is lost in unsuccessful marketing each year; however, a lot of money is also made through successful marketing. By appealing to the senses mentioned by Lindstrom, with quality and attractive marketing tools, your success rate is increased and the likelihood that it will begin generating revenue for you rises.
You want your name, logo, and brand to be remembered. You also want to be remembered for the level of professionalism you expel from the tools you choose to use. It is for these reason that utilizing the large format facilities at Reynolds DeWalt are beneficial to your marketing success.

With years of experience and an outstanding reputation for great work and even better customer service, our company is capable of developing the marketing tools you need for a successful marketing.

Large format refers to any print with a width between 17” and 100”. This includes banners, posters, general signage, window cling, car wraps, and anything else to make you stand out amongst the rest. These prints are also available on a variety of media including strip mesh, perfect for the outdoors; artist canvas, perfect for museum displays; and many others.

With our large format, possibilities are endless. With cutting edge technology and quality comparable to none, the Neuromarketing that will be done with the final product will make you memorable amongst consumers.

Contributed by:
India Russell
Marketing & PR Manager

Fantasy Fish: By Gina A. Gomes



Fantasy Fish: By Gina A. Gomes

As the child of an amazingly artistic woman, I often find myself entertaining the excitement my mother has for her many creations. Once it was jewelry making, another time photography, interior design, and now painting.

With jewelry making, my mother would frequent a small bead shop in Cambridge, MA which was very close to where she was working at that time. There she would spend hours on end buying some of the most beautiful beads I had ever seen, and then spend even more time transforming those beads into beautiful pieces.

Her second passion was photography. She did a great deal of it while traveling to a number of beautiful countries. After discovering this passion, she began taking photography courses at the Rhode Island School of Design, or RISD, which later lead to her enrollment in Interior Design Courses.  Being that my mother has been an architect for a number of years, this wasn’t very far from her career and offered her greater opportunities in her field to expand her expertise.

Her newest hobby, which is actually quite far from her line of work is the painting of her Fantasy Fish. Each of her pieces are hand painted with watercolor.It is her artistic eye, as well as her passion that convey her understanding of color, making these pieces quite unique and quite beautiful.

Since I am an employee at Reynolds DeWalt, I have become more familiar with the work that is being done. I am also in an ideal position to refer my mother to the company to have her paintings reprinted on mediums such a postcards, business cards etc.

Since the pieces are hand painted, one of the dilemmas we were faced with was copying the paintings without losing the texture and feel of the artwork. After receiving some help from the Sales Manager at Reynolds DeWalt, my mother was able to photograph the paintings using a Nikon d3000, a series of small hot lamps and a table top photo studio. The end result was phenomenal. The beauty of the pieces were not lost in the photos and she was then able to apply color effects to others.

This is were Reynolds DeWalt became very important. After doing all of this, my mothers cards were well received and I became part of my first printing project.

Contributed by:
India Russell
Community Manager