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I hate junk mail as much as the next person. It floods your inbox and makes weeding out the important mail just that much more difficult; however, there are some attractive ways  to reach consumers through promotional emails. In marketing, your objective is to attract customers and build relationships with them. What better way to do this than an gripping promotional email? What is essential in effectively doing this is grasping the potential customers with something that will make them open your email rather than dragging it to the trash bin.
One way is to increase literary impact. Don’t bother sending it unless it is worth reading. One of the most effective ways to attract a consumer is to make  sure what you are sending them is relevant, unique and entertaining. Emails that are purely promotional are much like coupons or store flyers. It is then that your marketing becomes ‘interruption marketing’ and is disregarded as such. By making the email more informative while indirectly displaying your label, this will make the receiving party more interested in all of your promotional emails, subconsciously thinking of you when they need your services.
Another important part of your promotional email is making it visually enticing. If your email looks interesting to the receiver, chances are, they will want to continue to look at it. In combination with the excellent quality of the writing in the email, there is no way that they could ignore your promotional email. The combination of quality and compassion for the customer will translate through the way you market to them. You never want to be one of those emails that are swiftly directed to the trash, but instead, one of the emails that  they keep coming back for.
Contributed by:
India Russell
Marketing & PR Manager

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