Privacy & Security

Reynolds DeWalt is proud to adhere to the highest standards of information security. It is critical to preserve and protect not only our own business operating integrity, but equally importantly, to preserve and protect our clients’ sensitive data and intellectual property. In order to maintain such high standards we enforce industry best practices in the areas of data transmission, storage and deletion, to meet or exceed individual client needs. We have a strict, unique workflow to meet your needs and to ensure security is paramount. We are pleased that no incidents have occurred during our operating history, however, in the event of a confirmed or suspected breach, all stakeholders will be notified immediately by a member of our executive management team.

As this relates to our work for clients we have reviewed and will comply with all information, security programs, plans, guidelines, standards and policies that apply to the work we will be performing. We will communicate these provisions to, and enforce them against our subcontractors, and we will implement and maintain any other reasonable and appropriate security procedures and practices necessary to protect personal information to which we are given access to as part of the contract from unauthorized accesss, destruction, use, modification, disclosure or loss. We will ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data during production of contracted work.

Our system is audited every six months by Pivot Server Security, we have passed each audit and have letters of attestation to verify that our servers are certified.

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