You, Your Brain, and the Things You Buy: Large-Format and How Your Brand is Remembered


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” – Chinese Proverb

According to Martin Lindstrom’s book Buyology, the items we buy in stores are seldom decisions of our own. Through the science of Neuromarketing, it is believed that the reactions received through various marketing strategies, such as slogans, commercials and signage, are solely responsible for many of the purchases the average consumer makes.

While conducting a study on Neuromarketing, Lindstrom collect brain scans from a total of 2,081 subjects. While collecting data, Lindstrom scanned the brains of his subjects while showing them visual marketing pieces. After scanning and observing the brain activity of the individuals he realized that the brain patterns of the individuals witnessing the marketing began to react to what they were seeing. Where this very well may be true, marketing tools such as posters, banners, and other large displays may also work as a visual stimulant while advertising, possibly inducing individuals to buy.

A great deal of money is lost in unsuccessful marketing each year; however, a lot of money is also made through successful marketing. By appealing to the senses mentioned by Lindstrom, with quality and attractive marketing tools, your success rate is increased and the likelihood that it will begin generating revenue for you rises.
You want your name, logo, and brand to be remembered. You also want to be remembered for the level of professionalism you expel from the tools you choose to use. It is for these reason that utilizing the large format facilities at Reynolds DeWalt are beneficial to your marketing success.

With years of experience and an outstanding reputation for great work and even better customer service, our company is capable of developing the marketing tools you need for a successful marketing.

Large format refers to any print with a width between 17” and 100”. This includes banners, posters, general signage, window cling, car wraps, and anything else to make you stand out amongst the rest. These prints are also available on a variety of media including strip mesh, perfect for the outdoors; artist canvas, perfect for museum displays; and many others.

With our large format, possibilities are endless. With cutting edge technology and quality comparable to none, the Neuromarketing that will be done with the final product will make you memorable amongst consumers.

Contributed by:
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