Social Media Marketing and How it is Related to Mobile Space


With a keen focus on technology, our society is now becoming more reliant on it. A majority of communication is done thorough this device, also making it a wonderful outlet for advertising.
Similarly, the use of technology such as the Internet, permiting users to email, access social networks, and builds a demand that manufactures of technology can not ignore.

The production of smart phones is one example of this manifestation, based on the demands of the consumers. For those who produce mobile phones, it is in their best interest to develop phones with the capabilities to access social media. Now with the growing development and demand for smartphones, customers are able to email, use social networks, and be advertised to through their devices.

The connection between mobile space and social media has continued to expand often becoming based or reliant on each other. Following the growing demand for mobile space, which was caused by the growing demand to remain socially connected through social media, many of these social medias are becoming mobile friendly and making access more convenient for consumers. Mobile apps, QR codes, and web friendly sites are an example of a few ways this is done.

Through the use of all of these medias, the user is always being marketed to. These progressions in technological development are developed to make it easier for consumer and to make you want to use it.
If you don’t have a device with these capabilities, the demand, the need, and the social pressure to remain socially ‘in tune’, may drive you to want a device with these capabilities. At the end of the day, the majority have the devices, they are socially active, and communicating with the other members of the majority who also have access to social and mobile media.

What becomes exceedingly important in terms of marketing is the utilization of these outlets in your marketing strategy. By knowing that the masses are interested in social and mobile medias, your advertising should be done by using both social and mobile. Understanding the desires and interests of the consumer make them more enthusiastic about accessing the information you are putting out.

Contributed by:
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